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Serie 285

*ASTM carbon steel A 216 GR WCB; stainless steel ASTM A 351 GR CF8 (SS 304)
ASTM A 351 GR CF8M (SS 316), Duplex, Super Duplex - cast or other alloys.
* Tripartite ball valve.
* Flanged ends (default) or as customer request.
* Full bore, ensuring minimal pressure drop.
* For chemical application, petrochemical, Oil, gas and industrial.
* Sealing: Resilient or metal / metal.
* Haste Expulsion proof.
* Working pressure: 20.0 kg / cm2 [285 PSI] (WCB) and 19.4 kg / cm2 [275 PSI] (CF8, CF8M).
* General purpose valve with headquarters in RPTFE, operating temperature -29 °C to 150 °C.
* Higher temperatures under. consultation with metal seal x metal: Max. 400 °C.
* The valve can be supplied with manual, pneumatic or electric drive.
* Lock padlock provided on request.
* Ball Valve Tested the Fire (Fire Tested Type) - specially designed and manufactured valves with the test under fire resistance characteristics (Fire Tested Type), tested according to ISO 10497 standard.
* With electrostatic grounding.
* With sealant injection in sealing rings and shaft as customer request.
* With system for low emission ISO 15848 fugitive according to customer's request.
* Supplied with rings sealing the ends (single piston effect) and rings of internal seals (double piston effect).
Grupo Micromazza - 2013 - Rod. RSC 470 - Km 168 - Vila Flores/RS - Fones: (54)3447.2700 / (54)3447.4300