In an area of 100,000 m² with 35,000 m² built in the municipality of Vila Flores RS, is located Micromazza, a company founded in 1993 with a solid position in the domestic market of micro founding. With production capacity of 120 tons / month of casted parts, Micromazza produces ball valves in measures ¼” to 16" in pressure classes 150 to 1500lbs, plus connections and stainless steel sanitary ware with quality, competitive price and fast delivery.
Aiming to incorporate technologies and develop new products that meet the needs of the oil and gas industries, in 2005 Micromazza signed a partnership with Argentine company WENLEN, thus appearing WENMAZZA that produces ball valves up to 36” and 2500lbs pressure.
The company adopts standards of conduct that respect and value the human element: its employees receive ongoing training and participate in various social programs as profit sharing, medical and dental services, food baskets, etc..
Another constant concern is with the environment; Micromazza adopts different procedures in order to balance production and technology with the sustainability of the planet.

Valves Recovery Service

Micromazza Group with the best vision to meet the challenges and demands of its customers, also available on its portfolio of products, different valves recovery services: construction / regulatory standards and pressure class, in sizes from 1/2 "CL 150 to 42 "CL1500 / 2500 (API 6D), or, 2.1 / 16" to 7.1 / 16 " 15.000psi (API 6A).

Based on their experience as a valve manufacturer with engineering and own projects, with its fully vertically integrated manufacturing process from raw material to final painting, with its own foundry and development of special resilient seals, the Micromazza Group has the technical and industrial capacity necessary to perform recovery or not manufactured by the company valves.

In its product portfolio, the Micromazza Group meets the different regulatory standards and this normative range requires training the company: wide metrology measurement and inspection tools, test benches for different types and sizes of products, inspectors and engineering with training to different regulatory standards, among others. This training allows you to present recovery services in less time and with high repeatability and quality, giving opportunity to the customer to program and develop plans for preventive and corrective maintenance suitable to your needs.

Clean Room for Cryogenic and Oxygen Ball Valve

Micromazza manufactures cryogenic and oxygen ball valves. This type of application requires that the valve is free of contaminants that may have contact with the fluid and promote unwanted reaction or catastrophic failures.

Procedures have been developed to requirements for cleaning the valves and their components when their surfaces are exposed to the fluid; considering volume concentration less than 23.5% oxygen or enriched oxygen air. There prediction use the same way during matches for operation or defrost a system in liquid or gaseous form and service with nitrogen or argon, in its general use.

The valves undergo cleaning components prior to final assembly in a controlled environment and is not subject to any undue exposure to the use of such elements which detach waste particles or fibers, hydrocarbons or contaminated tools.

All tools, machines, supplies, or employees who are in contact with the components, have isolation / protection for not inserting unwanted elements in the valve.

All material for the valve cleaning are approved. All were tested to ensure the cleanliness of the components without the presence of any residue. Possible contaminants in the process are identified and defined by degree of tolerance through Ultraviolet Inspection tests.

After cleaning, inspection of components, assembly and testing, the valve is packed following the cleaning requirements of the standard and taken the necessary precautions to ensure that it is free of contaminants to the time of use.

Centrifugal Casting Service

The company provides services of centrifugal casting for pipes, rings, bushings and other centrifugal parts in alloy steel.
This area of the company has production capacity to centrifugal parts from 10kg to 2000 kg, outer diameter from 146 to 900 mm, wall thickness from 10 to 100mm and length from 100 to 2500 mm.
The centrifugal casting process can use carbon steel or stainless steel alloys, duplex, refractory alloys (high chrome steel/ nickel, resistant to high temperatures) and special alloys.
Micromazza supplies centrifuged parts for iron/steel industries, mining companies, thermal treatment and metal mechanic companies, valve manufacturers and others.

Organic Coating

The develop of new materials for several applications, in particular products that are submitted to aggressive environments becomes increasingly necessary due to the appearance of new exploration frontiers in the oil and gas.
The anticorrosive organic coatings are being increasingly used, especially in applications where the aggressive fluid has pursued the adoption of this technology for the protection of metals in equipment, piping, valves, parts and accessories.
The Group Micromazza, seeking to fulfill service needs of its customers, developed a plan for implementing the organic coating application, where the raw material used and the process of applying the organic coating were evaluated and approved by Petrobras.
This new technology implemented in the Micromazza Group, ensures greater technological knowledge on the coated valve; following the performance of the coated product by testing such coating during and after application process, also doing dynamics analysis of the valve operation and performance.

Test Fire-Safe

The main functional characteristic of Fire-safe valves is that even submitted to high temperatures, typical of a fire, continues sealing and preventing fluid leakage to the environment.
Micromazza Fire-safe valves are designed to provide an emergency secondary seal, which is utilized when the primary seal (resilient material) is destroyed by fire.
This option valve is ideal for applications where there is a process with flammable fluids because even if there is a fire, you can operate the valve reducing the consequences of the accident.
Micromazza has an Internal Fire-Safe testing laboratory, with the entire structure to the approval of products and conducting the tests. All Micromazza Fire-Safe valves are certified as ISO 10497 - Testing of valves - Fire type-testing requirements.


The Micromazza Group maintains constant investment in equipment, processes and human resources to provide quality products and solutions. It stands out on the international stage for their certifications, fundamental requirement for conquering demanding markets such as Europe, the U.S.A and Mercosur. It has laboratories physico-chemical and metrological metallographic attesting to the quality of products increasing confidence and customer satisfaction.
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