Micromazza Group

Micromazza Group, located in Vila Flores city - RS, works with focus on innovation, technology and quality.
Its manufacturing process ensures a complete vertical integration of the supply chain, ensuring their products with rates close to 100% domestic content.
The Group develops projects for valves from 1/2" up to 42" in pressure classes from 150 up to 2500, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators, gearboxes and equipment for oil and gas production, such as wellhead and Christmas trees.
Its Laboratories are focused on mechanical tests that ensure the quality of materials and products.
All projects have confirmed their qualification in Technical Laboratory, where tests are performed such as fire-safe type, tensile strength and cycling valves; aiming to improve, ensure efficiency and reliability under extreme operating conditions.
Micromazza Group enables permanently for the future and the challenges of its customers with the best technical solutions and competitiveness in domestic and international market.
Grupo Micromazza - 2013 - Rod. RSC 470 - Km 168 - Vila Flores/RS - Fones: (54)3447.2700 / (54)3447.4300